Meet the team behind CarlosDoesPhoto!
Carlos Charris | CEO, photography, editing & retouching, printing, mailing, sales, snacks, customer service, mindfulness specialist, tech support
Photo by: Olivia, age 4
Based in Toronto, graduated with honours from who cares and winner of several blah blahs**
I'm a permanent student of visual arts and design, interested in reflecting back the beauty of the world. 
My philosophy is "a picture is worth a thousand words" on account of being, as you may suspect, a photographer. So in the spirit of saving you time, I'm going to help you figure out if I'm legit or just another guy-with-a-camera: check out my Instagram stories and my up-and-coming TikTok account to see who I am without my camera. Visit my Behance profile to see much more of my recent work. Visit my LinkedIn if you want to see my resume for some reason, or you can check out my Kavyar page if you're more into seeing some collaborations. You can also scroll to the bottom to see 2-minute-long origin story video. If you vibe with what you see, drop me a line :)
Stay positive, and test negative! <3
** I did win 2nd place on a national photography contest and had two images accepted in the 2020 Permanent Student Collection hosted by the Professional photographers of Canada. My work was also featured by the Humber College Galleries and appeared in several fashion magazines (like this one and this one.
Here are my social media buttons (in case you missed them above)
My 2-minute origin story
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