Meet the team behind CarlosDoesPhoto!
Carlos Charris | Founder, photographer, editor, retoucher, printer, customer services, sales and tech support, after care, snacks & department of dad jokes
Emotional counsellor: Xmas the dog
Based in Toronto, graduated with honours fromĀ who caresĀ and winner of several blah blahs**
I'm a BIPOC neurodivergent visual artist based in Toronto, Canada.
Here are some neatly organized external links:
Here's my Instagram, my TikTok, my Behance, my LinkedIn, my Kavyar and my newly added Cloudspot page, where my most recent work lives.
You can also scroll to the bottom to see a 2-minute villain-origin video.

** IĀ did winĀ 2nd place on aĀ national photography contest and had two images accepted in the 2020 Permanent Student Collection hosted by theĀ Professional photographers of Canada. My work was also featured by the Humber College GalleriesĀ and appearedĀ in several fashion magazines (likeĀ this oneĀ and this one.
Here are my social media buttons (in case you missed them above)
My 2-minute origin story
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