Famous celebrity photographer Greg Gorman once said that the role of photographer “(is like) the role of a psychologist; it’s being able to come down to someone’s level and make them feel comfortable, and trust you."
I am not a psychologist, but a long time ago, I got pretty close.
As a clinician, I couldn't always tell folks what they needed to hear.
It wouldn't have made a different--people are visual beings. People need to see to believe.
And this is what I believe: you are beautiful.
All people are.
With your flaws and imperfections, with your fears and inadequacies. 
You are beautiful, and I can show you.
We are not going to be here much longer than we are; it is our duty to leave something behind for those who will come after us: our children, and the children of our children. 
(BTW, the photo on this post was shot by my oldest daughter Olivia, who was 4 at the time. I was setting up some lights in my home studio when I heard her yell "cheese!" and wham! when she put the camera down to check how the picture had turned out, I felt like the most privileged man in the world.)
Everyone needs a great portrait of themselves. I can take yours. 
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