Note: this is not an exhaustive list of services--that would be way too long for me to write and for you to search. If there's something you're looking for that is not on this list, **drop me a message** (or a text, or call me). It's free to ask! :)
Examples: you have a very specific studio in mind, maybe require a hair and make up artist, or a stylist, someone to record Behind-The-Scene videos, or all of that.
Urban Fashion and Outdoor Portraits
2-hour on-location shoot is 300 CAD, plus traveling expenses and equipment rental (if needed). Up to 2 wardrobe changes. 15 edited photos, sized for web, social media and printed publication (if requested). High-end retouching for printed publication available per image. Printed photo albums and professional prints available. Check out URBAN FASHION for samples, or visit the PRINT SHOP to see some print mockups in canvas, acrylic, metal and more.
Non-refundable sitting fee of 100 CAD is due on the day we book.
Studio Fashion and Studio Portraits
2-hour location shoot is 350 CAD, plus traveling expenses, equipment rental and studio rental (if needed and/or requested). Up to 2 wardrobe changes. 20 edited photos, sized for web, social media and printed publication (if requested). High-end retouching for printed publication available per image. Photo albums and professional prints on several mediums available. Check out STUDIO FASHION to see selected samples, or visit my KAVYAR profile (NSFW) for samples of studio portraits.
Non-refundable sitting fee of 150 CAD is due on the day we book.
** If this is a commercial shoot (i.e., it has the intent of selling or promoting a service or product), different clauses apply. I'll be happy send you a quote :)
*** Fine Art nudes, my specialty, is offered on a case-by-case basis. Drop me a line to inquire about the password.
Environmental Portraits and Corporate/artist Headshots
Single environmental portrait is 400 CAD, and can include between 1 and 50 people.  Environmental portrait series are 800 CAD, and include wide angle environmental shots with edited signage as well as establishing shots (if requested.)
Corporate and artist headshots are 150 CAD for two shots per person against pure seamless white backdrop. Photos edited and sized for social media and web use (not commercial, printed media or television.) Facial retouching for professionals available.
Visit ENVIRONMENTAL PORTRAITS for samples or HERE to book your shoot today!
Life Events
450 CAD for half-day (3.5 hours) of shooting on-location and 900 CAD for full day (7 hours.) Additional hour is 150 CAD. Travelling expenses (if required) not included. 
Depending on party size, you will receive between 15~30 and 250~300 images, edited and sized for web. High-end retouching (facelift, wrinkle fixes, hair retouching, skin recoloring, sky swapping, eye enhancement, etc. etc. etc.) available at additional cost. Unlimited license use for non-commercial purposes. Commercial licenses available. Check out LIFE EVENTS for selected samples, or click HERE for all samples.
Commercial photography, e-commerce and food photography
150 CAD for 3 professionally lit and edited images against white or black backdrop, sharpened and sized for web, social media and print (if requested.) 75 CAD per additional image. Rush jobs available at additional cost. Time-sensitive licenses for web, social media and printed commercial use apply. Location shoots for food or larger products available. Creative hero shots and high-end artistic composites available. 
Visit the COMMERCIAL page to see some samples of e-commerce and commercial photography, or drop me a line for a quote :)
500 CAD for 2 hours of shooting corporate, sports, and e-sports events. Electronic delivery Includes between 75~100 photos, including establishing shots, detail shots, signage shots, single portraits and group shots (when available). Case-by-case unlimited use for non-commercial purposes on the web and social media. Looking for weddings? See Life Events, above.
Visit the DOCUMENTARY page to see some samples.
Real estate, architecture and everything else not included here
If you need something shot that doesn't appear here, PLEASE drop me a line. I don't discriminate and I don't judge :) Click HERE to see some real estate photos.
Photo treatments available. All fees listed here do not include taxes.
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